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Aunty Margaret Tribute

In Loving Memory of

Aunty Margaret Kalehuamakanoeluluuonapali Machado Who Now

Walks the Rainbow


We have been Blessed to have been a part of Aunty Margaret's Life. In my Pu'uwai (Heart), I knew someone Very Beloved Being of Ke Akua I'O (God) Creator's Celestial Child was going to our Heavenly Divinity. Aunty Margaret is Walking through Rainbows of Golden Loving Clouds of Ascension into the Arms of Divine Creator, she called God. Kumu had this Dream Moe Uhane Hoike I Ka Po - (3) nights in a row of: An Ascended Master of Divinity and we Are Blessed...


Our Love for Aunty Margaret is forever, and ever and ever in our Heartbeat of Ha-Wai-I.

We shall Always Remember the Gift of Pure Divine Love that she Is, that she shared with Us.

Hawaiian LomiLomi Is Aloha -"Alo" meaning before the Divine Creator

Hawaiian LomiLomi Is Aloha - "Ha" meaning the breath of Life", Always before us.

Ho'oponopono meaning "empting of all self, forgiveness".

Hawaiian LomiLomi Lapa'au is Alo-Ha is " a PRAYING work".

Hawaiian LomiLomii is "the Loving Touch: A connection of the Heart, Hand, and SOUL with the SOURCE of ALL  LIFE"

Hawaiian LomiLomi is "our love, flowing from the heart through our hands, a touch from soul to soul

Hawaiian LomiLomi is "to love the body as if it were your own.

Hawaiian LomiLomi - Success is guaranteed by the loving Touch. "If you hands are gentle and loving, your patient will feel the sincerity of your heart. His/Her Soul will reach out to Yours and the Lord's healing will flow through Both of You.

[By: Aunty Margaret Kalehuamakanoeluluuonapali Machado.]

Aunty Margaret deparrted into an Ascension Unto Creator Monday December 27, 2009. Aunty Principles will live On Forever in our Hearts and our Service to Mankind for Mother Earth (Honua).


A  Great Women of Alo-Ha Love

By Kumu'Ola Leina'ala Kaahuhailikaukoalaaika'alaneo Brown



For When I think of her I remember

A great woman who gave her Love Un-Conditionally


For When I think of her I remember

The Strength in a Kumu' Ola's Eyes of Pure Golden Love


For When I think of her I remember

A Divine Spiritual Woman, a leader who is Love

Wehe (Opened) the Pathway to Bridging Hawai'i with Western World


For When I think of her I remember

The Love she had for All of  Her Ohana (Family) and Her Haumana (students)


For when I think of her I remember

Her Voice of Mana Ka Oia I'o (Truth) with One Spoken Word

For she held the Mana (power) of the Words in Her Prayers


For when I think of her I remember

When she came down the stair in the night to grasp my hands in Aloha


For when I think of her I remember

The Songs she sang to Brighten our Hearts, our lives, our very Soul


For when I think of her I remember

A Women looking out at her poeple of Hawai'i and around the world with Love


For when  I think of her I remember

A Gracious Woman who shared her life with everyone she Touch from Soul to Soul


For when I think of her I will Always remember

An Alii Nui Ka Wahine (Woman) whose Alo-Ha Love for Us shall not ever End.


Written @ 1200 Midnight on January 1, 2010

On the Wings of Angels & Aumakua for the Celestial New Years

Margaret K. Machado gave art of lomilomi to the world

She was said to be the first Hawaiian to teach the art of lomilomi to non-Hawaiians and the first lomilomi teacher certified by the state.

She opened her doors at Ke'ei Beach to students from all over the world and loved them unconditionally, said Dean Cormin, of Vancouver, British Columbia.

"She was pure love in a lot of ways," said Cormin, one of her students. "One could be white, black, gay, purple, from the planet Mars — it didn't matter to her, as long as you were with her, you were considered 'ohana."

"Auntie Margaret" Machado strived to learn as much as she could about massage from a Western point of view, including anatomy, and in that sense she was a kahuna although she would never call herself that, said Makana Risser Chai, one of her students and author of two books about lomilomi.

People sought her out sometimes drawn by a mysterious force, ending up on her doorstep during a class at Ke'ei, she said.

"Literally people would say things like, 'I left my hotel in Waikoloa and just drove here,' " Chai said. "They would end up on her lanai and she would smile at them, pat them and talk to them."

Haunani Hopkins, president of the Hawaiian Lomilomi Association, said Machado emphasized a spiritual aspect of lomilomi and that is why she was so effective as a healer and teacher.

"I kept getting these dreams that I needed to come to the source and when I did I found out that this is the real lomilomi," Hopkins said. "This is where it's coming from. It's coming from the spirit of God. It's not just techniques."

Machado was born on O'ahu on Aug. 21, 1916, to C. Solomon and Elizabeth Au Solomon, orphaned and raised in a missionary home, but she never lost touch with her family roots in Napo'opo'o on the Big Island.

At 10, her grandfather, John Au, traveled to O'ahu to bless her and acknowledge her destiny as a healer and teacher, said Nerita Machado, her daughter. But it took almost 40 years before she learned her skills and opened a school on the Big Island.

In the meantime she graduated from McKinley High School, became a practical nurse at St. Francis Hospital, married Daniel Machado Sr. and raised her family for a while on O'ahu and in Napo'opo'o, Nerita Machado said.

Margaret Machado learned lomilomi from an aunt and would always be willing to help neighbors and at the high school, she said.

"She worked with the athletes, massage them when they were injured, and in a few hours they would be better," Nerita Machado said.

She became a state licensed instructor in 1965 and started a lomilomi school in the early 1970s. Students would come, do chores around the property and learn. She had more than 1,000 students throughout the years.

"Auntie Margaret used to tell her haumana — students — that lomilomi was 'touching the body with a loving touch,' encouraging them that 'if your hands are gentle and loving, your patient will feel the sincerity of your heart and the love of God will flow though you,' " Nerita Machado said.

Margaret Machado received numerous awards including Living Treasure of Hawai'i, the Ka'onohi Award for Hawaiian Health and He Kuleana Aloha Award for lifetime achievement.

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