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Kumu's story

Ke Kumu 'Ola Leina'ala Brown-Dombrigues is a native Indigenous Hawaiian Lomilomi Lapa'au healer and teacher, trained by her ohana (family) since birth and by Elders and Kahuna Lapa'au since her birth in Kauai Waimea, Oahu Waimanalo-Kaaawa, Hawai'i Big Island to Volcano Trained by Our Beloved Aunty Margaret K. Machado from 1986-1995 and Kumu'ola Leina'ala continued to take her Haumana (Students) to honor Aunty Margaret for a blessing of the Sacred Papa 'Ili 'Ili Stryle of Hawaiian LomiLomi Lapa'au through the years 2005.

Ke Kumu completed training under Aunty Margaret Machado in 1986. Now over 40 years later, with the training of her Ohana from Kaua'i, Oahu to Hawai'i, she has been treating patients who have been referred to her by doctors, Hui Malama Ola Na 'Oiwi, Hui Ho'ola 'O Nanahulu 'O Hawai'i, other Native Hawaiian and Non-Hawai'ian peoples and individuals in Hawaii and from around the world till today and continues to teach and work with her patients/clients in Hawaiian LomiLomi Lapa'au. LMT. Under the State of Hawai'i since
1991. She has been trained since the age of 2-3 years old in Kauai with Tutu Lady Kaluna, and Tutu Emma Kaahuhailikaukoalaa of Oahu, whose Ohana came from Maui, Big Island Hawai'i...  

Today, a Hawaiian LomiLomi Lapa'au since 1991, Kumu 'Ola Leina'ala has been working with Medical Patients and Clients. Hawaiian LomiLomi Lapa'au is a form of Medical LomiLomi Massage Therapy. It is a Praying working and the Heartbeat of Hawai'i. Ho'opono Pono upon the Sunset is the Key to All of the Success for the Practioner and the Patient for the healing begins from Within.  

Ke Kumu is a licensed LMT therapist and is licensed and certified in the state of Hawaii to teach. Her clinic is in Volcano to Kau - Ho'ola 'O Lomilomi Lapa'au Clinic 'O Hawaii. She certified by the state of Hawaii and has been teaching Lomilomi Lapa'au Healing for aproximately 20 years, however she has been sharing her native Hawaiian Indigenous healing since 2-3 years old.  She blends Hawaiian Kahuna Lapa'au  ancients wisdoms with clinical medical therapy, which provides mind, body, spirit, and the very divine celestial Hawaiian healing with bridging the old Ka Wa Kahiko Ancients with the Western to create the Highest Vibrational Healings with the "The Oli Ola which are Vibrational Chants of the Five Elements that are here upon the Honua (Mother Earth).which has come from the Celestial Heavens...
Kahuna Nui 'O Pari Tu - Ke Kumu Ola Leina'ala has provided retreats since 1991, which provide a detoxification, prevention, and wellness program - Ho'omaemae i Ka Hi'uwai'ola 'O Hawai'i (Hawaiian Seawater Cleanse). Kumu also teaches the following technique on a limited basis: Ho'opono Pono, La'au Lapa'au, Kahu Pule, Ho'omananai'ola, Mai'ola, La'au Kahea and much more. For information about: Who We Are - Visit Us.

About Kahunas

For countless generations, Kahuna have been the guardians of the core elements of the Hawaiian Culture that takes them back to the begining of time; Mu (Lemuira) and I’o (Divine Creations). “Kahuna,” literally translated, means “the secret,” connoting their role as the caretakers of Divine Ancient knowledge. Na Kahuna are the Grandmasters of Healing, Health, Wisdom of the Ancients and Na Kumu’Ola (Teachers of Healing) of the traditional Mo’okuauhau (geneology) and of the sacred healing arts, crafts and skills of All that is of The Divine Creater (the I AM) of Ke Akua I’o ‘O Talani.

They are the spiritual leaders of guidance of the Hawaiian peoples, thus taking great care in maintaining the spiritual connection between the mortal people and the Akua Ao (Gods) and (Goddess).

The Ancestral Wisdom of the sacred healing, education, crafts, arts and skills have been handed down through the Mo’okuauhau generations through the Breath of Ha and on the wings of the Tupuna (elders), on the voices of the Tahun (High Temple Priests and Priestess) and through the spiritual connection with the Divine Mana Ka ‘Oia’ I’o.

Kahuna Pule Ke Kumu'ola Leina'ala Kaahuhailikaukoalaaika'alaneo is a Kahuna high priestess in the Laka Order who is the brother of TuTu Pele & Hi'iakaikapole'opele. 

Kumu's own story:

Mahalo Na Aumakua Mai, a me Ke Alo'Ha Mai i ka mana'o io 'o talani mai. E ha'awi mai ola i ta mo'okuauhau i na tupuna 'O Ha'wai'i me ka ha'a ha'a mai me ke Alo'ha mai.


E Ola Mau I Ta Honua Mau Loa. May I introduce to you to my Ohana treasured Tupuna elders of La'au Kahea, Pule Alo'ha, La'au, Lapa'au, La'au Maiola, Hawaiian LomiLomi Lapa'au, Kahuna Haha. Kumu's training came from two sides of the Ohana both father & and mother's Kanaka Maoli (Native Indigenous Hawaiian), as we look into the window back in time of my beloved Ohana and a way of keeping the Kanaka Maoli Hawaiian culture alive.

Kumu as a haumana (student)

Before Kumu was born her Great-Grandmother TuTu Ono had predicted her destiny.

Kumu'ola Leina'ala from childhood was a child that when born was kept hidden, and on Kauai on her father's Keliioopii side whose mother TuTu Ida Kalua was a (La'au Kahea) Kahuna High Priestess would always when taking her first born granddaughter for their morning walks and baby was a few only weeks old on the golden sands and sparkling ocean front of Waimea Kekaha. TuTu Lady Kalua would guard over this infant child, thus protecting her in white tape and as people would ask to just take a glimpse or glance at this child she would cover the infants face with the white tape. My TuTu Ida Kalua before she turned 40 years of age had white hair and red gleaming eyes was called by TuTu Lady. TuTu Lady was the one who trained Kumu'ola Leina'ala from childhood, along with her TuTu Emma. 

TuTu Lady Mother through her Mo'okuauhau (ancestral) was Kumu'ola Leina'ala's  great-grandmother TuTu Ono was a (La'au Kahea) Kahuna High Priestess Kalua and thus she was trained by her great-greatgrandmother TuTu Ono was also is (La'au Kahea) Kahuna High Priestess who all are La'au Kahea and Kahuna Pule Priestess.

The La'au Kahea is the Kawakahiko (ancient) Kahuna Lapa'au Wisdom of the healing arts in working with the aumakua (ancestral) knowledge as you assist the family member to heal (for we believe the medicine is within). As you are working with the family member or patient, the ancestors are working with you and directly on the person. The Direct Connect is Unconditional Love, is the Light and the Light is unconditional Love thus only then "Ke Akua 'O Talani" (the heavens open) and Divine Mana's presence is always felt and Always before you in the healing of tradition Hawaiian Lapa'au Wisdom and Medicine.

TuTu Emma Kaahuhailikaukoalaa trained Kumu in the Power of the Pule Alo'Ha. My TuTu Emma raised me, as I was given to her in my early years to learn the gracious wisdom of the Alii who walked in grace, and TuTu Emma is my heartbeat " E Ho'ola A Lahui I Ta Pu'uwai 'Ola 'O Hawai'i", as I wrote this mana'o'io (truthful though) for her. TuTu Emma came from 13 brothers and sisters, and her Mother was Makaleka Broad my great-grandmother. TuTu Emma, who also trained me as a young girl in Pule Alo'Ha.



This story as I write this feels so much like a fairy tale, and yet in the early morning starting at about 3:00am, I was asked to awaken and write this down now;

 - "E Ala e imua mai i ka mana'o io i ta mo'okuauhau, e ho'omakaukau ia oe me ke Alo'Ha Mai 'O 'Ala E 'Ala E"...


For All Wisdom is not held in one Halau, nor Hale and that nature's elements call to you and the answers thus lie within your Being; receive well this Breath of Knowledge go forth now, reach out and touch the world for planet is in danger, and mother earth is crying for what may come to pass.


The question is, can we make the change within ourselves and share it in time fot the Mana ka oia'io to save this planet called earth before it is to late.



For we are Alo'ha the breath of  life, and as a child that watched her TuTu Lady set a broken bone, heal a broken heart, call back a lost soul, rebuke an evil spirit, receive a loved one, and unite mana'o io ola true love, and watched my TuTu Emma on Oahu through power of Pule Alo'ha in humility unit her Ohana in strengthening their foundation, in breathing upon my manawa (crown of the head), her life force and pule for this little child, to bring forth all her hearts desire in humble joy, happiness, peace, love  through calling upon our ancestors. Then returning to Kauai to glaze at a distance and watch my TuTu Lady Kalua embraced by the four directions Pa Halau 'O Te Akua (natures elements).


Ke Akua 'O Talani mai grant me the wisdom to continue to share, heal, teach the once forgotten and forbidden sacred knowlege of my Ancestral (tupuna elders) wisdom thus protect, "E Nana I ke Kumu", (To Look to the Source), "E Nana I ke Kumu Hana i na Ohana" (To Look to the Source in our Family & Work), "E Nana I Ke Kumu Lipo (To Look to the Source in all with a Spiritual Halo).


Thus I Kahea (call) for great guidance in this precious Papa Hana (work), direct and guard well this knowledge that one day this wisdom, this knowledge will guard you well to heal the Na mana'o (minds), Na kino (bodies) and Na uhane (spirit-souls).



The La'au Kahea wisdom and knowledge passed on to Kumu from her ancestors was to heal through unconditional love & light, and the ultimate wisdom was to learn to heal at a distance thus has this come to pass indeed.


Through spiritual wisdom and assisting of  the Ohana (family) during those times of my grandmothers.

For till today Kumu'ola Leina'ala contiunes to practice the Kawakahiko arts of La'au Kahea. 

Kumu is known for her Hawaiian LomiLomi Lapa'au  Opu Huli (traditional art of massage medicine), however not until just recently has she ever shared she was trained and is using the La'au Kahea with the Hawaiian LomiLomi Lapa'au, La'au Lapa'au, and Kahuna HaHa.


Only through the "Voices of the Kahuna Lapa'au 'O Hawai'i" this has been revealed of the once forbidden wisdom of La'au Kahea which means to "Call upon the Medicine" or to call forth the medicine and reveal the true nature of the problem and resolve and heal by Oli (chant) or by just your voice to command through ha'a ha'a maiola (humble breath of healing), just to be the vessel of the universal light of love that heals.


Written By: Kumu’Ola Kahuna Pule Leina’ala


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