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Live your purpose. 
Live Your Kahea (Calling)

How Do You Find Your Kahea “Calling” In Life?

Simple Lives Create Simple Happiness & Great Abundance

[Kahunas often kukakuka or "talk story" here is a small sample of this, directly as it came to Kumu, a stream of consciousness sharing around living your purpose in life.]

 Ka'iulani: When I came Home to Hawai’I – It was No Longer Home… Life Changed for me, and I couldn’t finish my Path.

Can You See Your Path, Your Dream? Are you in this Moment then, look about you and Know that you Can make the Difference in Life…

Ka'iulani: I died before I could Live My Dream which was taken away. Now in the Moment Embrace Your Divine Self, your Passion, Your Dream and Create Your Divine Kahea “Calling” that is for Hawai’i and Planet Earth.


How Do You Find Your Passion, Your Kahea, Calling In Life?


What is Divine Creators Highest Plan, vision for your life? 
What is Creator’s plan for you?
Do you Ever Give Up when you are pursuing a dream?

We have had so many wonderful comments come to us in our lifetime, many have given us a pathway, were we listening... Are You Here for You or for Hawai’i and Mother Honua Earth?

One of the vital important questions that we all are asked, "How do we find what our calling in life is?" 

First let me say, I'm not going to set myself up here as an expert in this area, what I am going to share with you are the few insights I've learned over the years.
Understand, you are never "just" a plumber, or "just" a salesperson, or "just" a farmer, or "just" a school teacher.

You are someone Divine and very special.

You are someone created by a higher power in the Golden universe.

You are someone loved and cherished by that higher power in your life.

But, the only true fulfillment in life will be when you are doing what that higher power Creator  has called you to Be. 

Your MISSION is to find what that calling is in your life 
then follow it, with a Passion that is the Truth and Mana of Life. 

Some are called to be housewives, some doctors, some midwives, some presidents of companies, some are called to be healers, bakers, or Indian chiefs. 

What is important to know is you will never find that true satisfaction doing "just" what you want to do. There’s something inside of all of us that says I have to do what that Divine Kahea (calling) is on my life. Living your Truth. 

What are the gifts and talents, sacred skills and abilities that have been given you in life? Write them down-- 10 Key gifts….
That will help you identify what your specific calling is.

Select Kua Lima Five that will Spark your Life. Should you not know how, then come, E Komo Mai, and we Will Learn together.


You'll Learn this in the Workshop Sessions of Training in Kawahine Ke Aloha UhaneNui (Women of Great Golden Love, Interity, and Dignity) how to truly live your Passion of the Once Hope that Now is your Heartbeat through action by love. Raise your vibrations and raise your Life....


Blessings come thus from within as without; your entire Being is Love. Knowing this is knowing who you Are as the Creator of I'o (God), the Golden Light that is living your Dream. Will you make this Dream become you Reality? Should you not Know How then we Invite you to E Komo Mai (Come Let the Healing of your Passionate Dreams in Life Come True).


And I didn't say; It's going to be easy. However I will share with you how to Kahea and (Call) the Light of Love to You as you create your Dream, now create a plan of Action in Motion to become the full reality of that which is perfect in all ways in you life, Release, Surren der, and Forgive yourself, and everyone, every though form that is not in you highest interest, Ho'oponopono is "Letting Go and Let God", now waves of goodness  begin rolling, flowing to you from every direction... back to the Center Piko that you Are, that I AM.


That will help you identify what your specific calling is. 

Hawai’i is the Center Piko (Center of the Mana Power of Mother Earth) and she is Calling and So Is the Entire World, to E Komo mai (Come Let the Healing, Let the Empowerment Begin with You).


Being an Alakai’ (Leader) is most likely your call,  and to understand this Kahea (Call) one must "E Nana I Ke Kumu" (Look to the Source).


If what you are doing is drudgery or un-fullfilling work in you life now, if you just seem to hate getting up in the morning and facing what you do everyday, then most likely you are not following your Kahea (calling) in life, and you are allowing the world to just dictate your circumstances, “Letting life live you.”


“Living your Life is Your/Our Dreams come True.”  Let the waves of plentifulness of spirit, soul, love, abundance flowing through you, from the center of you be that which is the I AM, a constant, bountiful force without end.

Let the waves of prosperity engulf you, then see yourself using the supply in peace, love, joy, happiness, truth, protection, and abundance for yourself through your Passion of hope to create your Pu'uwai (heartbeats) desire to help you, Your Ohana (family), and all mankind.

You Are The Hope, Learn to Create Your Passion in Life. How? You Create Your Passion, through your "Living Life and Not Allowing Life to Live You." Come.

Hawai’i is Calling and So Is the Entire World, and can't understand it, when you do not answer your kahea, your calling.

Look into yourself and ask, "What are you good at, what do you really enjoy doing, what are you fruitful at, what part of your life do you find the most satisfaction, joy, and peace of great prosperity…Happiness?” 

What is your passion in life?
If you're not following the gifts that have been given you, then you're not never going to achieve your fullest potential here on Earth. Unless You Change Your Attitude Graciously in life, for You, Your Ohana (family), the Peoples of Hawai’i, & the World, you will never be truly happy and the world will have missed out on the special gifts that only you can share.

If you're following your true passion, and utilizing the talents and gifts you have been given, then you just can't seem to wait till the alarm clock goes off in the morning, you just seem to hate to go to bed and call it a day. You're alive. Life is wonderful, it's exciting. There seems to be a tireless energy flowing that keeps you on track and keeps you moving towards following those talents and gifts. 

You look at life differently when you're following your calling. There is a love there that motivates you to do the best you can, yes you can, to learn as much as possible about your chosen field of work. You have a true passion for what you are doing with your life. And you can see how your life fits in to the "big picture" of the truth in all what you are doing is helping mankind,.. Planet Earth is waiting for YOU……. 

Your life doesn't seem "wasted." ..It’s Just Begun….

Your life has a meaning and a purpose. It’s Your Choice….. 

Despite difficulties and adversities, you are optimistic,  looking to what the final goals Are, always believing,  always knowing that what you are doing is the "right thing." 

It comes from within. You just know it’s right. You Can Feel It.

You are uniquely you!  One in A Billion.

You are not like any other person. You are Just You, Create.

Don't compare yourself to others. They are unique also, they are not you and you are not them, create from you. You have unique talents, you have unique gifts.....for you to be anything other than what you are called in life is a step down, so then step up with Graciousness to Manifest All Your Dreams and mankinds Dreams come True, It’s Up to YOU….. 

Find out what your calling is then do it with all your heart, feel it with your Pu’uwai ( Heartbeat ) of the Mana Ka Oia Io “Truth”. 


No one is less than anyone else, no one is ever a failure, no one is a mistake if you're walking in that calling on your life. 

You are somebody special. There's no one else just like you. 

Can you imagine how much Love this world would be if all of us were following that high golden calling in our lives. 

You can do your part. You’ve Chosen to Fill to Emptiness and Balance with “Lokahi” [Unity and Harmony], Peace, and Prosperity…

You're probably not called to be an Albert Einstein, or  Thomas Edison, or a Michael Jordan, or an Oprah Winfrey or a George Lucas. They are their own unique people with their own unique callings. However, You’ve Been Called to be YOU.

For most of us, the calling on our life is much simpler. But whatever that call is, whatever those talents and gifts are in your life......whatever your passion is.....follow that with all your heart and you will be fulfilling that grand and glorious plan that was written for you in the stars above. 

You can find that call. Listen in the Golden Silence there is there is where your Answers Are. 

You can follow it. When You Can Dream It, You Can Create It.

Your life can be rewarding, fulfilled, and satisfying in the Joy. 

Your life can be adventure. It takes you to Balance Life. Living You Passion in Life, Not Letting Life Live You.

When you find and follow your call, you look at life as a gift. And the Makana Aloha is You the “Gift is YOU” in Gracious Majesty in the Divine Golden Love that Just Is. Just Be.

However, Be the Truth, Knowing that you with touch the World.


Kumu’ola Leina’ala Kaahuhailikaukoalaaika’alaneo Brown
Divine Passion, Happinesss, Prosperity: The Choice Is Yours
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